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As the ultimate brother and sister team, Callie and Randy Parz work closely on every project PARZ Designs is contracted to create. Batman and Robin have nothing on these two and that’s why they’re playfully referred to as “The Dynamic Duo.”

Child's Desk
Balusters Stairs & Rail
Kids Nook


Callie has worked in the world of carpentry and finishing for over 20 years. With her experience in managing teams of workers and rolling up her sleeves to do the work herself, she’s a key ingredient in the success of PARZ Designs.  She oversees the general management of the company, down to the last brush stroke of finish, ensuring that it is quality all the way. When she’s not tending to the day-to-day of PARZ Designs she enjoys spending time with her 2 beautiful children and their lovable Labrador Retriever, Max.


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